About the WCAA

Today the WCAA has over 1300 members in North America and the Caribbean.
Our goals are to make available educational and motivational opportunities, to work for the betterment of the interior fashions industry and to encourage a code of ethics for fair business practices.
The Window Coverings Association of America is the only national non-profit trade association dedicated to the retail window coverings industry and to the dealers, decorators, and workrooms that are our members.
A membership that helps you grow... Professionally, Personally, and Financially
Constitution Section 4 - Purpose
The purpose of the Association shall be:
To serve as a trade association for independent dealers, workrooms and designers in the window covering

  • To promote ethical trade practices.
  • To promote lawfully the window coverings dealer.
  • To disseminate and exchange information regarding all matters pertaining to the industry.
  • To promote modern methods of merchandising.
  • To promote by all lawful means the right as Independent business people to make and retain a profit.
  • To promote by all lawful means the concepts of freedom in the marketplace, the freedom exemplified by
  • our American private enterprise economic system, free competitive markets, individual incentive and initiative and effective but limited government.
  • To do all things necessary to carry out the purposes of the Association.